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The Veneto region is one of the most beautiful of the world. Located between the magical city of Venice and the majestic peaks of the Italian Alps, Il Veneto offers a stunning array of breathtaking views, cultural activities, foods, wines and other travel adventures that begin at the Adriatic Sea and reach to the heights of the Dolomites. Whether your interests lie in exploring the palazzo and canals of Venice or finding the perfect romantic hideaway in unspoiled natural grandeur, the Veneto offers all you could ever want.

The ancient Romans called this area Venetia. Over the centuries the named a changed a bit to Venezia and came to refer only to the city on the lagoon. In modern days the region has re-adopted its Roman appellation.

The Veneto encompasses a wide variety of landscapes, including wide plateaus, rounded hills, the lake shores of Lake Garda and in the end the Po River Plain, which we call in Italian La Pianura Padana. The Veneto is bounded by four of Italy’s most interesting and historic cities: Venezia, Treviso, Vicenza and Padova.

Between them lie the majestic villas built between 1500 and 1700 as summer residences for the wealthiest citizens of Venice. The most famous of these villas were designed and built by Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). Many of these “Palladian Villas” retain the exquisite architecture that reminded their tenants of the palazzi that lined Venice’s Grand Canal in its Golden Age. Today they are a must-see destination for every serious student of Italian Renaissance life.

Veneto is also an important wine growing area. Among the best are: Soave, Bardolino, Recioto, Amarone, Torcolato, Prosecco, Tocai Rosso,Garganega, and Valpolicella. Other, more common wines are Verduzzo, Raboso, Moscato, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Nero, Pinot Grigio, and Merlot. In an effort to make fullest use of the harvest, the dregs of the wine-making are used to make grappa. Ccalled graspa in the local dialect, it is a coarse but delicious distillation often flavored with cherries or other fruit. Homemade wine making is a widespread tradition among many local families.

Among the best-known cheeses of Veneto are: Asiago, Monte Veronese, Piave, Morlacco and Grana Padano. And what is cheese without good meats to go with it? La Sopressa Vicentina is an aged salami made of exquisitely seasoned high-quality pork. It may or may not include garlic in its ingredients and comes in medium and large sizes. Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo offers a delicate, sweet and fragrant aroma that only hints at how delicious it is.

The Veneto is also famous for a two special varieties of radicchio: Rosso di Treviso has a faintly bitter taste and a crunchy texture while Variegato di Castelfranco is more delicate and slightly sweet. Both are excellent in salads and on pizza.

Other local products include Riso Veronese Vialone Nano, a type of rice high in starch with short, plump grains that have a creamy consistency when cooked. It is perfect for risotto. The Bean of Lamon is particularly prized for its delicate flavor and extremely tender skin. The White Asparagus of Cimadolmo has a characteristic scent and a very delicate taste. The San Zeno di Montagna (Verona) chestnut is another remarkable product. The town of Maróstica is famous for its cherries – and the local grappa flavored with them.

We at TrevisoCarService know the Veneto as only people who were born and raised here can. From the world-famous palazzi and canale of Venice to the ancient fields of the high country, we welcome you to our home. We look forward to the opportunity to tailor an itinerary to suit your unique interests, needs and curiosità.


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